The Effective Taxonomies of Mobile Phone Service Providers’ Operations Strategy across Countries: the Case of Arab Middle East Region

Yazan Khalid Abed-Allah Migdadi
Yarmouk University, Jordan

The aim of this study is identifying the effective taxonomies of operations strategy of mobile phone service providers across countries. All Arab countries in the Middle East region were surveyed except Syria, and 27 out of 31 service providers were surveyed. Data collected from corporations’ annual reports, websites and other professional institutions published sources. K-means clustering analysis was used to develop clusters and ANOVA test was used to identify the significant differences across clusters in term of relative market share. The adopted taxonomies were; agile, lean oriented, product oriented and cost oriented. Agile, lean oriented and products oriented taxonomies are very close in relative market share and differ significantly from cost oriented. The widely adopted taxonomy across countries is agile.

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