Food Security Is None Of Your Business? Food Supply Chain Management In Support Of A Sustainable Food System

Ari Paloviita
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Food security is the principal outcome of any given food system and it can be defined in terms of a sustainable food system where the core goal is to feed everyone sustainably, equitably and healthily. A sustainable food system addresses needs for availability, affordability and accessibility, is diverse, ecologically-sound and resilient, and builds the capabilities and skills necessary for future generations. This paper identifies the essential elements of food supply chain management in support of a sustainable food system, which ultimately enhances food security. The existing food supply chain and food system literature is synthesized in order to study the correspondence between public interests towards sustainable food and corporate interests. Giant food retailers, food processors and manufacturers, and food service supply chains in particular, extend their global reach, influence food culture and may be more important in shaping food systems than governments. Thus, the paper proposes food security frameworks for both upstream and downstream supply chain management. It concludes that sustainable food system thinking and societal orientation towards food security can hold the key to unlocking the next wave of food supply chain innovation and growth, and offers implications and suggestions for future research.

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