A Study on the Maritime Transport Network Design under Different Charter Rates: The Case of LNG Transport between Qatar and Turkey

Salem Y. Lakhal
Universite de Moncton, Canada

Many indicators show that the total global LNG demand has risen by an estimated 7.6% per year since 2000. Over the same period, the growth is almost three times faster compared to the natural gas growth estimated at 2.7% per year. As a consequence, the number of the LNG tankers trip from and to the production fields and the consumptions area is growing. The challenge is to design a cost efficient maritime route for an LNG tankers. This article investigates: (i) how, the frequent fluctuation of the Bunker price, the Suez Canal tolls, terrorism activities etc. might affect decision of the LNG Tankers maritime routes and (ii) suggest a framework to help the redesign of a maritime transport routes for LNG vessels. To illustrate this framework developed, the case of the LNG transport between Qatar and Turkey is analysed with an extension made to a maritime route from Asia to Europe. The paper's contribution to the literature is the development of a routing scheme design achieving LNG handling cost savings from Asia to Europe.

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