Construction of Green Supply Chain for Organic Products

Blanka Tundys
University of Szczecin, Poland

Andrzej Rzeczycki
University of Szczecin, Poland

The literature indicates that green supply chain is not only dedicated for organic products. Rather, the authors take a focus on the analysis of processes, organizational and law issues and the implementation of innovations that include, among others, the green aspects (manufacturing, production, transportation). Connection of green supply chain with organic products seems to be very important, among other reasons, because the development of the market for these products is dynamic. The interest of these products is growing worldwide. Production of organic products is legally regulated. The final result of this work will identify the basis for building a model of green supply chain for organic products (with emphasis on agricultural products), the identification of the factors forming the basis for the construction, relationships between stakeholders and indicate which of the factors determine the greening supply chain and whether they are necessary or sufficient factors for the role of ecological products of the market.

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