Mobile-Apps Development for Biodiesel Distribution Tracking System and Supply Chain Monitoring

M. Iman Santoso
Duisburg-Essen University, Germany

Bernd Noche
Duisburg-Essen University, Germany

Biodiesel is considered as the most prominent alternative to replacing or complement petroleum-diesel in the future. It is slowly gaining its importance in our daily life. Nevertheless, there are several problems emerged in the biodiesel supply chain, e.g. biodegradability, quality control, disturbance in the distribution of biodiesel, interrupted feedstock, supply and lack of governance. A new approach of biodiesel supply chain management has been developed based on mobile-application to overcome such problems. Determining the fact that biodiesel is degradable over time, the system also possessed by feature to maintain the biodiesel quality during transport, besides bringing-out simple and user-friendly supply-trading application on hand to hand. A wide range of biodiesel supply chain monitoring, distribution tracking and quality checking are demonstrated during the process of ordering, stocking, buying and sending biodiesel. The mobile-application has been tested for performance analysis on processor, battery and data usage. All menus, performance test and survey show good responses although at the security aspect is found the necessity of extra-development. Further analysis indicates that such system also fit for feedstock plantation, cultivation, harvesting and procurement. Overall, this method is worthy suggested to be implemented on the accreditation board of biodiesel that manages the entire supply, orders, trades and quality of biodiesel from upstream to the downstream.

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