Supply Chain Systems Architecture and Engineering Design: Green-field Supply Chain Integration

Petar Radanliev
Anglia Ruskin University, UK

This paper developed a new theory for supply chain archi-tecture, and engineering design that enables integration of the business and supply chain strategies. The architecture starts with individual supply chain participants and derives insights into the complex and abstract concept of green-field integration design. The paper presented a conceptual system for depicting the interactions between business and supply chain strategy engineering. The system examines the decisions made when engineering the business strategy, with regards to the supply chain design. The system derived with a new understanding of how strategies are integrated, and what are the implications for engineering successful strategies. The study revealed that sup-ply chain design is not considered in great detail before archi-tecting the business strategies. Thus, companies consequentially experience supply chain problems that are likely to be detri-mental to the growth potentials. The paper also derived with the findings that proactive and pre-emptive involvement of supply chain participants in the strategy engineering process, would lead to a more robust strategic design.

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