Use of Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Modelling Green Supply Chains

Blanka Tundys
University of Szczecin, Poland

Interest in the field of the development and implementation of the principles of green supply chains is increasing. Among theorists and practitioners of management, they are seen as a new trend and an innovative strategy. Ever-increasing customer requirements, the development of economies in the direction of closing the loop and the depletion of resources lead to a situation in which innovative solutions (including green supply chains) should be implemented. Qualitative and quantitative tools are used to assess their operations. This paper focuses largely on aspects of quantitative statistical methods that are used to assess individual elements of a supply chain, as well as a holistic approach to the evaluation of the entire chain. The methods that were chosen are an attempt to build a framework for a model and determine which of the tools are used in practice. The analysis includes an indication of the advantages, as well as the limitations, of the use of particular instruments. The second part of the paper includes an analysis of qualitative tools, devoting particular attention to tools and instruments from the area of management.

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