1. Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation: A User Perspective
110 - 117
Ewout Reitsma, Per Hilletofth, Umer Mukhtar

Abstract | DOI:10.31387/oscm0320207 | Download Full Paper

2. Dynamic Response of Risk Management Model to Mitigate Impact of Maritime Regulatory Changes: Oil Tanker Owners Perspective
118 - 127
Pratomo Setyohadi, K.B. Artana, Djauhar Manfaat, R.O.S. Gurning

Abstract | DOI:10.31387/oscm0320208 | Download Full Paper

3. Strategies for Managing Excess and Dead Inventories: A Case Study of Spare Parts Inventories in the Elevator Equipment Industry
128 - 138
Oguji Nnamdi

Abstract | DOI:10.31387/oscm0320209 | Download Full Paper

4. Personal Relationships and Higher Agency Costs: Study of Buyers and Suppliers in Australian Manufacturing and Service Sector
140 - 150
Atif Saleem Butt

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5. Optimizing the Total Cost of an E-waste Reverse Supply Chain Considering Transportation Risk
151 - 160
Linh Thi Truc Doan, Yousef Amer, Sang- Heon Lee, Phan Nguyen Ky Phuc

Abstract | DOI:10.31387/oscm0320211 | Download Full Paper