OSCM Volume 12 Issue 4 2019

1. Information Technology Outsourcing: Influence of Supplier Firm Size and Reputation on Buyers’ A Priori Perceptions of Opportunism and Uncertainty
186 197
Imran Khan, Brian Rutherford, Alvin Williams

Abstract | DOI:10.31387/oscm0390242 | Download Full Paper

2. Relationships Between Green Supply Chain Drivers, Triple Bottom Line Sustainability and Operational Performance: An Empirical Investigation in The UK Manufacturing Supply Chain
198 211
Susmita Pattnaik, Subhra Pattnaik

Abstract | DOI:10.31387/oscm0390243 | Download Full Paper

3. Fixed Shipping Cost Allocation for Just-in-Time (JIT) Lot-Splitting
212 224
Joong Son

Abstract | DOI:10.31387/oscm0390244 | Download Full Paper

4. Understanding the Impacts of Length of the Contract and Fleet Size on Spare Parts Level and Reliability Investments in Performance-based Contracting
225 236
Hasan Uvet, Hasan Celik, Carullah Kucuk

Abstract | DOI:10.31387/oscm0390245 | Download Full Paper

5. Supply Chain Finance for SMEs - Case in Danang City
237 244
Le Thi Minh Hang, Nguyen Son Tung

Abstract | DOI:10.31387/oscm0390246 | Download Full Paper

6. Product Variety, Supply Chain Complexity and the Needs for Information Technology: A Framework Based on Literature Review
245 255
Estu Rizky Huddiniah, Mahendrawathi ER

Abstract | DOI:10.31387/oscm0390247 | Download Full Paper