Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management, 2020

ISBN: 9786239555108


Reinhold Schodl
University of Applied Sciences BFI Wien

Sandra Eitler
University of Applied Sciences BFI Wien

Bernhard Ennser
University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna

Johannes Braith
Storebox Holding GmbH

Georg Hauger
Vienna University of Technology

Matthias Steinbauer
Variocube GmbH

Matthias Prandtstetter
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

This paper deals with the customer-centric implementation of white-label pickup stations in the challenging field of parcel logistics. A white-label pickup station is a point for parcel deliveries that is not limited to one parcel delivery company, but open to other ones as well. The concept offers consumers a convenient way for receiving parcels around the clock, and logistics companies the opportunity for improving operational performance. Moreover, a network of white-label pickup stations can help to reduce traffic. Consequently, white-label pickup stations can ease the environmental impact of last mile delivery. The research takes place in the context of the project alBOX, which aims to develop sustainable business models for white-label pickup stations. This requires a thorough understanding of potential customers. In order to investigate customer preferences, a conjoint analysis is carried out. This allows to understand how people value alternative service configurations of white-label pickup stations.

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