Explore the Research Trends of Green Supply Chain in the Manufacturing Industry: A Bibliometric Analysis


  • Erna Ramli 1 (International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia)
  • Dolhadi Zainudin1 (International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia )
  • Rafikul Islam1 (International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia )

The green supply chain management practices for the manufacturing industry have been a recent phenomenon in the recent decade. Accordingly, it has received gigantic attention among academic researchers. A few bibliometric analyses have been published focusing on a general view of green supply chain management. This study provides a thorough bibliometric analysis on the relationship between green supply chain management and manufacturing not previously explored or grasped. Further, the bibliometric analysis was employed on academic journal articles published in two prominent online databases, the Scopus, and Web of Science, while prior studies have preferred only a single database. A machine learning tool, “R Studio”, and a visualization tool, “VOSViewer”, were used to analyze and visualize the analysis results. The results show a 22.63% annual growth in academic publications and a significant growth in recent periods. The findings from science mapping unveiled the popularity and generally focused on Chinese manufacturing firms. Besides, studies have focused on the barriers, drivers, and practices of green supply chain management and performance from economic and environmental perspectives. The findings deliver a vigorous roadmap for further studies in this constituent. Policymakers may improve legal procedures to encourage manufacturers to enhance green manufacturing to reduce carbon emissions.

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