Impact of Organizations’ Internal Green Supply Chain Management on Consumers' Purchasing Behavior for Personal Care Products


  • Byoung-Chun Ha1 (Sogang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
  • So-Youn Lim1 (Sogang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
  • Changjoon Lee1 (Sogang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea)

This study examines the impact of organizations’ internal environmental management (IEM), which is one of the important factor of green supply chain management on consumer purchase behavior for sustainable personal care products. This study will provide information useful for managing internal corporate environments as a strategic way to create pro-environmental corporate images. Based on the theory of planned behavior, consumers' green purchasing behavior was measured using attitude, subjective norms, the perceived environmental friendliness of products and their subsequent purchasing behaviors for sustainable personal care products (PCP). The findings suggest that organizational IEM has a positive influence on purchasing behavior for PCP. Thus, corporate disclosure of IEM practices to consumers was found to exert a positive influence on their purchasing behavior. However, there was no significant relationship between the perceived environmental friendliness of products and consumer purchasing behavior. The present study discusses the implications for firms and recommends the integration of IEM and marketing strategy for environmental activities to create an eco-friendly personal care company.

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