Integrating a Voice of Customer to Create the Customer Needs Quality Function Deployment (CN-QFD) for a Sustainable New Product Development


  • Thanyatorn Fongsatitkul1 (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
  • Yasutaka Kainuma1 (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Questionnaires are effective tools which are commonly used for collecting survey data regarding the actual customer needs. On-line questionnaire/satisfaction surveys are indispensable to obtain accurate results concerning the customer needs. Such information is required to develop the customer needs quality function deployment (CN-QFD) for creating a new sustainable one-handed lipstick packaging. Such surveys use a combination of Telrad’s questionnaire procedure to include or exclude the questionnaire in accordance with the mission requirements and the Hybrid QFD Framework to develop a new product. A detailed analysis of the satisfaction survey results reveals the actual customer needs which can be further incorporated into the engineering characteristics. After excluding a number of the questionnaires, the remaining ones could be further modified and become the critical parts to construct the final QFD to form the House of Quality (HoQ). In this study, several designed alternatives were considered and the best resolution alternative for the sustainable one-handed lipstick packaging was selected and prototyped accordingly with the supports of SolidWorks Software and 3D Printer. The round-shape casing encourages keeping the lipstick in the palm of the hand, thus enabling the easy use of the slide-up and -down mechanism. The cap lid flips up conveniently using only one-hand, which provides a better opportunity to be used suitably and effectively at all times. Finally, the lipstick casing can be reused and the severed ring at the sleeve can also be twirled and removed conveniently which minimizes the waste of lipstick content.

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