Requirements for Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management: An Exploratory Case Study


  • Ari Sivula1 (Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences, Seinajoki, Finland)
  • Ahm Shamsuzzoha1 (University of Vaasa, Vaasa, Finland)
  • Petri Helo1 (University of Vaasa, Vaasa, Finland)

The aim of this research study is to look for possible re-search opportunities to applying blockchain technology in supply chain management and logistics. In addition, accom-panying challenges to utilizing blockchain in supply chain management along with possible solutions are also provided. To fulfil the study objective, both theoretical and empirical approaches are adopted for this study. With respect to theo-retical approach, relevant literature on blockchain was re-viewed considering both technical and economic aspects, its architecture and implementation challenges. The empirical part of the research was conducted by studying three case companies operating in the domains of wood construction, consulting and regional development, and technology. Three case companies were analysed with respect to the application of blockchain in their supply chain operations. From the study outcomes, it was noticed that blockchain technology can be utilized successfully in supply chain management in vari-ous business domains in order to provide, for instance, better services and transparency.

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