1. Theoretical Framework for a Local, Agile Supply Chain to Create Innovative Product Closer to End-user: Onshore-Offshore Debate
    • Andrea Gyarmathy
    • Konrad Peszynski
    • Leslie Young

  2. A review and scientometric analysis of supply chain management (SCM)
    • Haydar Yalcin
    • Wanying Shi
    • Zafrin Rahman

  3. Exploring Big Data Research: A Review of Published Articles from 2010 to 2018 Related to Logistics and Supply Chains
    • Wecka Imam Yudhistyra
    • Evri Marta Risal
    • I-soon Raungratanaamporn
    • Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha

  4. Supply Chain Fair Profit Allocation Based on Risk and Value Added for Sugarcane Agro-industry
    • Muhammad Asrol
    • Marimin
    • Machfud
    • Moh. Yani
    • Eizo Taira

  5. Barriers Affecting Successful Lean Implementation in Singapore's Shipbuilding Industry: A Case Study
    • Edwin Tan Hock Lai
    • Florence Ng Jia Yun
    • Ivan C. Arokiam
    • John Heng Aik Joo

  6. Social and Environmental Sustainability: An Empirical Analysis of Supply Chain Profitability and the Recession
    • Trisha Anderson
    • Zugang Liu
    • Jose Cruz
    • Jia Wang

  7. The Networked Handling of Rush Orders in Customer Services
    • Per Engelseth
    • Brian White

  8. Relevance of Adopting Emerging Technologies in Outbound Supply Chain: New Paradigm for Cement Industry
    • Ashu Sharma
    • Preeti Khanna