1. Supply Chain Network Design and Tactical Planning in the Dimension Stone Industry
    • Gangaraju Vanteddu
    • Gillian Nicholls

  2. Local and Organic Food Distribution Systems: Towards a Future Agenda
    • Yinef Pardillo Baez
    • Movin Sequeira
    • Per Hilletofth

  3. Course Planning in Educational Programs: A Project Management Approach
    • Manohar Madan
    • Kingsley Gnanendran

  4. The Impact of Supplier Involvement in Product Development on Supply Chain Risks and Supply Chain Resilience
    • Grazyna Wieteska

  5. A Robust Optimization for Multi-Period Lost Sales Inventory Control Problem
    • Shunichi Ohmori
    • Kazuho Yoshimoto

  6. Supply Chain Risk Governance: Towards a Conceptual Multi-Level Framework
    • Victoria Ahlqvist
    • Andreas Norrman
    • Marianne Jahre

  7. Novel Implementation of Multiple Automated Ground Vehicles Traffic Real Time Control Algorithm for Warehouse Operations: Djikstra Approach
    • Pasan Dharmasiri
    • Ilya Kavalchuk
    • Mohammadreza Akbari

  8. Drivers and Barriers for Inland Waterway Transportation
    • Violeta Roso
    • Ceren Vural
    • Anna Abrahamsson
    • Matilda Engström
    • Sara Rogerson
    • Vendela Santén