1. Data Analytics in the Supply Chain Management: Review of Machine Learning Applications in Demand Forecasting
    • Ammar Aamer
    • Luh Putu Eka Yani
    • I Made Alan Priyatna

  2. Understanding the Interrelationship Between Culture of Quality, Employee, and Organizational Performance
    • Vikas Kumar
    • Yu Han
    • Ngan Tr?ong
    • Nhu Hoang
    • Arvind Upadhyay

  3. Three-Echelon Green Supply Chain Inventory Decision for Imperfect Quality Deteriorating Items
    • Yosef Daryanto
    • Hui Ming Wee

  4. Requirements for Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management: An Exploratory Case Study
    • Ari Sivula
    • Ahm Shamsuzzoha
    • Petri Helo

  5. A Humanitarian Logistics-Based Planning for Rescue and Relief Operation After a Devastating Fire Accident
    • Kanchan Das
    • R. S. Lashkari
    • Azizur R. Khan

  6. Incorporating Transportation Mode Decisions into Production-Shipping Planning: Considering Shipping Consolidation
    • Qian Huang
    • Shunichi Ohmori
    • Kazuho Yoshimoto

  7. Green Supply Chain Management Evaluation for Organic Products: Theoretical and Empirical Point of View
    • Blanka Tundys
    • Tomasz Tomasz Wisniewski

  8. A Multi-Objective Modeling Approach for Integrated Manufacturing and Preventive Maintenance Planning
    • Kamran Moghaddam

  9. An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between Store Attributes and Customer Satisfaction: A Retail Operations Perspective
    • Yash Daultani
    • Kshitij Goyal
    • Saurabh Pratap

  10. Blockchain and Supply Chain Management: A New Paradigm for Supply Chain Integration and Collaboration
    • Michael Wang
    • Yong Wu
    • Bruce Chen
    • Melissa Evans