1. A Hybrid Forecasting Technique to Deal with Heteroskedastic Demand in a Supply Chain
    • Sanjita Jaipuria
    • S. Mahapatra

  2. A Supply Chain Selection Method for Early-Stage Companies Based on an Adapted Quality Function Deployment Optimization Approach
    • Omar Romero-Hernandez
    • Sergio Romero-Hernandez
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  3. IoT in Supply Chain Management: Opportunities and Challenges for Businesses in Early Industry 4.0 Context
    • Tharaka de Vass
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  4. Investigation of Factors Impacting Lean Implementation in the Indonesian Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry
    • Rio Tanudiharjo
    • Florence Yun
    • John Joo
    • Ivan Arokiam

  5. A Supply Chain Management Study: A Review of Theoretical Models from 2014 to 2019
    • Shu-Hsien Liao
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  6. Investigating the Influence of Organizational Factors on Supply Chain Awareness
    • Ramakrishna Yanamandra

  7. Blockchain Technology and Trust in Supply Chain Management: A Literature Review and Research Agenda
    • Abbas Batwa
    • Andreas Norrman

  8. Investigation and Analysis of Omnichannel Logistics Models: A Study in The Electronic Retail Industry in Indonesia
    • Eliot Simangunsong
    • Ivan Subagyo

  9. Social Media in Operations and Supply Chain Management: A Systematic Literature Review to Explore the Future
    • Yashoda Devi
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  10. Critical Manufacturing Prerequisites for Successful Reshoring
    • David Eriksson
    • Per Hilletofth
    • Wendy Tate
    • Mikael Gothager