1. Identifying the Relation Between a Supply Chain Network’s Structure and Its Overall Financial Performance
    • Penina Orenstein
    • Hongfei Tang
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  2. Additive Manufacturing: Currently a Disruptive Supply Chain Innovation?
    • Per Engelseth
    • Maryam Salman
    • Waqas Mushtaq
    • Fahad Awaleh
    • Remiguisz Kozlowski
    • Richard Glavee-Geo
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  3. Supply Chain Efficiency in the Discount Store Industry Post COVID-19: Applying the Supply Chain Efficiency Ratio
    • Kevin Forehand
    • Juan Roman
    • Thomas Schaefer
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  4. Key Components and Critical Success Factors for Project Management Success: A Literature Review
    • Sarath Herath
    • Siong Choy Chong
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  5. Raw Material Order Allocation Problem Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming and Simulation
    • Ary Wibowo
    • Niniet Arvitrida
    • Erwin Widodo
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  6. Sustainable Supply Chain Practices (SSCPs) and Organizational Performance: A Mediating Role of Functional Constructs
    • Eliza Sharma
    • Jagdeep Singla
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  7. The State of Cold Logistics Supply Chain in a Developing Asian Country - A Preliminary Insights
    • Mohd Faizal Abu Hassan
    • Abdul Hafaz Ngah
    • Mohamed Syazwan Ab Talib
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  8. Barriers to Adoption of Supply Chain Management in India: A Theoretical Model and Scale Development
    • Srichandan Sahu
    • K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao
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  9. A Study on Transfer Pricing Considering Fairness and Profitability
    • Qian Huang
    • Shunichi Ohmori
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  10. Operational Coordination in Intermodal Hinterland Transport as Support for Managing Operational Disruptions – An Information Processing Perspective
    • Per Wide
    • Dan Andersson
    • Violeta Roso
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  11. Integrating a Voice of Customer to Create the Customer Needs Quality Function Deployment (CN-QFD) for a Sustainable New Product Development
    • Thanyatorn Fongsatitkul
    • Yasutaka Kainuma
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  12. Designing Clusters of Distribution Area and Delivery Route for Maximizing the Vehicle Utilization and Minimizing the Workload Gap and Transportation Cost
    • Amelia Santoso
    • Joniarto Parung
    • Dina Prayogo
    • Winardi
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  13. Critical Factors for Food Safety in Global Commodity Flows with a Focus on Logistics – A Case Study on Mycotoxin Contamination of Agri-Bulk Commodities
    • Milena Zupaniec
    • Helmut-A. Schafft
    • Ann-Kathrin Lindemann
    • Robert Pieper
    • Anneluise Mader
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  14. Agility in Humanitarian Response Operations for Water Based Disasters
    • Joshin John
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  15. Managing the Risks in the Clothing Supply Chain Considering the Coronavirus Pandemic
    • Eli Sumarliah
    • Kamila Usmanova
    • Fauziyah Fauziyah
    • Kawther Mousa
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