1. Stakeholder Engagement for Green Process Innovation: Exploring the Link and Boundary Conditions
    • Listowel Owusu Appiah

  2. Healthcare Supply Chain System Challenges and Mitigation Measures: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Evidence
    • Siti Norida Wahab
    • Nusrat Ahmed
    • Md. Uzir Hossain Uzir

  3. Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization under Disruption Risk
    • Shunichi Ohmori
    • Alex J Ruiz Torres
    • Farzad Mahmoodi

  4. Analysis of Implementation Barriers to Logistics Systems Integration for Omni-Channel Retailing using an Integrated ISM-Fuzzy MICMAC Approach
    • Ranjit Roy Ghatak

  5. Sequential Impact of Green Supply Chain Initiatives on Sustainable Performance: Food and Beverage Processing SMEs in Australia
    • Adeline Benjamin
    • Himanshu Shee
    • Tharaka de Vass

  6. Determination of the Optimal Number of Forklifts in the Distribution Center Using the Queuing Network Model
    • Volodymyr Sysoiev
    • Yuri Kushn?ruk

  7. Supply Chain Financing System Factors, Solutions, and Benefits: A Systematic Literature Review
    • Daud Fahmi Adhim
    • Nur Budi Mulyono

  8. EcoMCS: A Project Management Application Through Management Control Systems for Residential Construction Firms in Colombia
    • Milton Soto-Ferrari
    • Odette Chams-Anturi

  9. Improving Lead Time Forecasting and Anomaly Detection for Automotive Spare Parts with A Combined CNN-LSTM Approach
    • Asmae Amellal
    • Issam Amellal
    • Hamid Seghiouer
    • Mohammed Rida Ech-Charrat

  10. Impact of Buyer's Ethical Environment on Supplier's Performance: A Trust-based Mediation Model
    • Amjad Ur Rehman
    • Adeel Ahmed
    • Asif Mahmood
    • Zahid Maqbool
    • Mazhar Iqbal

  11. Predictive Analytics to Improve Inventory Performance: A Case Study of an FMCG Company
    • Patdono Suwignjo
    • Lisda Panjaitan
    • Ahmed Raecky Baihaqy
    • Ahmad Rusdiansyah