1. Table of Contents Vol 4 No 2, 2011
    • OSCM Team
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  2. Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal - Editorial of Special Issue
    • Dimitris Folinas
    • Dimitris Aidonis
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  3. A Decision-Making Framework for the Optimal Selection of Suppliers
    • C. Keramydas
    • A. Xanthopoulos
    • D. Aidonis
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  4. Base-Stock Policies for Two and Three Stages Serial Inventory Systems with Stochastic Demand and Replenishments
    • D.D. Ntio
    • M.J. Vidalis
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  5. Examination of the Interrelation Among the Price of the Fuel, the Cost of Transport Freight and the Profit Margin
    • A. Papana
    • A. Papana
    • M. Dagiasis
    • D. Folinas
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  6. Optimization of Recyclables Collection Processes
    • Milorad Vidovic
    • Branislava Ratkovic
    • Nenad Bjelic
    • Drazen Popovic
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  7. Trade Facilitation and Supply Chain Network Design
    • Maria Chatzipanagioti
    • Eleftherios Iakovou
    • Dimitrios Vlachos
    • Yannis A. Hajidimitriou
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  8. Environmental Sustainability through Clothing Recycling
    • S. Cuc
    • M. Vidovic
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  9. Costing Logistics Services
    • A. Hatzis
    • A. Koulidou
    • D. Folinas
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  10. City of London 2007-2010 Green Public e-Procurement Project-Results & Perspectives
    • R.N. Lacroix
    • L. Laios
    • S. Moschuris
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  11. Simulating the Effects of Risk Occurrences on a Hazardous Material Transportation Model
    • Vasiliki Kazantzi
    • Nikolas Kazantzis
    • Vassilis Gerogiannis
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  12. The Impact of 360o Supply Chain Integration on Operational and Business Performance
    • D. Chatzoudes
    • P. Chatzoglou
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